Savannah Michelle Brock

Bachelor of Arts in Ecology

Minor in Horticulture

Certificate in Sustainability

The most intriguing organism...

Mycorrhizal fungi – the idea that a forest of trees can work together like a nervous system is AMAZING.

Savannah Michelle Brock

Class of 2020

What advice would you give to incoming Ecology majors?​

Get as involved as you can! With your classmates, with clubs, with study abroad, with ATHENS!

What was the best piece of advice you received as a student?​

Always make a positive step. There will be times when you don’t know what to choose, but if you pick something that will guide you in a positive direction, you will be okay. (Jessica, 2015)

The course that most changed my perspective on the world ...

How the World Works: The Anthropology of Consumption and Globalization (ANTH3200) showed me that it’s worth questioning the systems that we currently have in place as a human race.

What would be your ideal job in life?

A farmer who also does sustainable landscaping and design.

What one word best describes my experience in the Odum School of Ecology?


What was the most fun during your years in Ecology at UGA?​

The Maymesters! Specifically, the Field Program in Ecological Problem Solving that took us all over the state of Georgia and the Tropical Ecology program that took us all over Costa Rica. I love travel and I love learning in different environments with people who share my interests in ecology.

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