About the Graduating Class

Undergraduate Class

Bachelor of Science in Ecology (26 students)
Bachelor of Arts in Ecology (20 students)
magna cum laude

(6 student)

summa cum laude

(2 student)

magna cum laude with High Honors

(1 student)

summa cum laude with High Honors

(2 student)

cum laude

(5 student)

Graduate Students

Doctor of Philosophy in Ecology (2 Students)
Master of Science in Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development (2 Students)

A Message from Dean Gittleman

John L. Gittleman

Dean and UGA Foundation Professor in Ecology

Graduate Program Faculty

Notes for Graduating Class

"You have accomplished something big in an unprecedented time in history. Congratulations on graduating from OSE at UGA! There is no better time to build on the knowledge, experiences, and lasting relationships you have built over the years to help your community - wherever you go next. You are now a part of something bigger than yourself. You are part of a group of ecologists following in the footsteps of Dr. Eugene Odum that strives to understand the world better and deeper, in order to help others. As responsible environmental stewards, I hope you find comfort in his words more today than when you started on this journey (I sure do). "Cooperation for mutual benefit, a survival strategy very common in natural systems, is one that humanity needs to emulate.” Use the skills you've gained for good, for others, for society and remember that you graduated from a program that stands with Dr. Odum in believing ''The future belongs, not to those who have the most, but to those who do the most with what they have.”

Waring “Buck” Trible

B.S. Ecology

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