Kelly Murphy Mayes

Bachelor of Arts in Ecology

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

Minor in Spanish

The most intriguing organism...

Any kind of cockroach is interesting to me. They are complex creatures in terms of their group behavior and disease transmission and very cool to learn about. Everyone hates them and they don’t even care. They’re just like “I’m a cockroach. I don’t care what you think of me.”

Kelly Murphy Mayes

Class of 2020

What was the best piece of advice you received as a student?​

Trust yourself.

The course that most changed my perspective on the world ...

Freshwater Ecosystems and Population Biology of Infectious Diseases are the courses that most changed my view of the world. The information I learned in those classes made me more open-minded about how humans interact with animals and the environment and the fine balance.

What would be your ideal job in life?

Anything where I can help people and get outdoors.

What one word best describes my experience in the Odum School of Ecology?


What was the most fun during your years in Ecology at UGA?​

The most fun thing during my years in Ecology at UGA was the opportunity to explore the natural world with the most amazing people. Whether is was canoeing on the Chattahoochee, bird-watching in Costa Rica or just sitting around talking in the student lounge, there was always someone there to laugh with.

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