Mary Kathryn Hunt

Bachelor of Arts in Ecology

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Economics and Management

Minor in Environmental Law

magna cum laude

The most intriguing organism...

I love redwoods. They are larger than life and represent the strength and stability of the environment while still serving as a reminder of our impact as humans.

Mary Kathryn Hunt

Class of 2020

What advice would you give to incoming Ecology majors?​

Learn how to communicate everything you learn.

What was the best piece of advice you received as a student?​

Focus on ways that you can make a positive impact.

The course that most changed my perspective on the world ...

The problem solving ecology Maymester allowed me to get to know my state and issues within it that need to be solved. It taught me that ecosystems and people are so resilient, and that strength is incredibly valuable to solving complex problems.

What would be your ideal job in life?

I would love to help create and implement environmental policies in communities.

What one word best describes my experience in the Odum School of Ecology?


What was the most fun during your years in Ecology at UGA?​

My most memorable experience in Ecology was getting to go to Costa Rica and learn about wildlife health and sustainability.

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