Mary Grant Hall

Bachelor of Arts in Ecology

The most intriguing organism...

Corals and/or mycelium.

Mary Grant Hall

Class of 2020

What advice would you give to incoming Ecology majors?​

That there is no straight path to get where you’re going and that every talent is one that can be used in the field of conservation, so find professors you love and trust and run your ideas by them because more likely than not there is a job for that!

What was the best piece of advice you received as a student?​

To stop trying to be a vet and follow what I really love and am good at. Shout out to Dr. Porter and Dr. Rugenski.

The course that most changed my perspective on the world ...

The Costa Rica Fall semester. It quite literally changed my life! I learned about the importance and availability of science translation as a career, and I also was encouraged by Dr. Rugenski and other faculty members to start writing and now that’s a huge part of my path!

What would be your ideal job in life?

Working on a field research team as a translator for publications and PR to get the research to those who need to see and hear it most in language they can engage with. OR the host of an investigative environmental journalism podcast.

What one word best describes my experience in the Odum School of Ecology?


What was the most fun during your years in Ecology at UGA?​

I’d say the most fun memory from my Ecology experience is the first week of the Costa Rica Tropical Ecology Fall Semester when we hiked into to San Gerardo and were cut off completely from everyone and everything except for each other and the rainforest. It was pretty magical. And Harrison Arnold wouldn’t stop playing this stupid tiny guitar he found and even though we wanted to throw him in the volcano, it’s one of my favourite memories now.

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