Brady Erin Griggs

Bachelor of Science in Ecology

The most intriguing organism...

Quokkas – because they’re always smiling and it inspires me to always be happy too.

Brady Erin Griggs

Class of 2020

What advice would you give to incoming Ecology majors?​

Take every opportunity you can! Domestic study aways are just as rewarding as study abroad and way more affordable.

What was the best piece of advice you received as a student?​

To allow myself to take time and find the field that I like best.

The course that most changed my perspective on the world ...

My time at the Coastal Summer Semester on Sapelo Island helped me understand how important specific ecosystems are for the big picture.

What would be your ideal job in life?

My ideal job would be working for a non-profit organization that cleans up plastic debris in the oceans.

What one word best describes my experience in the Odum School of Ecology?


What was the most fun during your years in Ecology at UGA?​

My favorite experience has been getting to know all of the cool students and faculty that I’ve met that have made me feel like I finally have a place where I fit in.

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