Michelle Evans

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy, Integrative Conservation and Ecology

Thesis: An Integrative Approach to Mosquito-Borne Disease in Urban Areas

Awards & Accomplishments

UGA Presidential Fellowship – 2015

NSF Graduate Research Fellowships Program – 2015

ICON Agile Scientist – 2019

UGA Graduate Education Advancement Board Fellowship – 2019

What has become your favorite quote?

“We can be patient with ideas and return to them and arrive late and miss things and then start over… We can love the ideas later too.” 

– Katherine McKittrick

What was your greatest epiphany in the last two years related to pursuing your degree?

The best part about science is forming friendships with the people I have the privilege of working with and I should always prioritize that when thinking about starting a new project.

What would be your ideal job in life?

Research scientist at a NGO or governmental institution

What was your coolest/most surprising research finding?

Two mosquitoes that co-occur across the Indian sub-continent compete very strongly in the larval environment, so what is allowing them to coexist together at the landscape scale?

Share advice you would give somebody entering graduate school:

Write metadata for every file in your repository. Future you will thank you.

What are your immediate next steps (within the next few months)? ​

Moving to France to start my next position at IRD researching malaria in Madagascar.

Congratulations, Michelle!

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