Emily Johnson

Degree: Master of Science in Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development

Thesis: Testing the Efficacy of Electrical Conductivity as an Indicator of Urban Watershed Disturbance


John Spencer Fellowship - Odum School of Ecology, UGA – 2017

What has become your favorite quote?

My favorite quote came from a peer, Carol Yang, at Odum and was my mantra for the last 1.5 years- “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.”

What was your greatest epiphany in the last two years related to pursuing your degree?

This is tough! I think my greatest epiphany came right at the beginning of graduate school, but it is difficult to put into words. Getting out of my hometown in Kansas and moving to Athens gave me a huge shift in perspective, priorities, and friendships. It was kind of like I rediscovered myself and started feeling more comfortable and confident.

What would be your ideal job in life?

“My goal when I began my graduate degree was to pursue a career in urban freshwater conservation and management. In January 2019 I began working as an environmental scientist in Atlanta and was able to finish my degree in 2020 while working full time. I really enjoy my job and can’t wait to see where this career path leads me.”

Share advice you would give somebody entering graduate school:

My advice to incoming graduate students is to remember to spend time on yourself and to not be afraid to follow opportunities as they arise.

Congratulations, Emily!